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Future development direction of electronic scales

Shenzhen Feiya weighing Limited ( along with the development of economy, weighing industry also is in rapid growth, especially the electronic scale, the huge market potential, market prospects. So, what is the development direction of the electronic scale in the future?
In the electronic product market development, restricted by the existing technical level, both in the domestic market or the international market, the product technology content is low, mainly occupied the low-end market, thus largely restricts our country weighing product market breadth. Therefore, in the weighing industry occupy the domestic high-end market and participate in international market competition, after all still need weighing apparatus manufacturing enterprise with technology as the guide, and gradually make the technological content of products to advance the international high-end technology level, so as to effectively expand domestic market and enhance the competitiveness in the international market.
In the electronic industrial structure development, scale space product development high technology content is quite huge. Due to fierce market competition, the industry weighing slowly in the transition, I think the future is certainly intelligent electronic scale of the market, with more and more requirements of customers weighing this, intelligent weighing is a trend which cannot be halted.



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