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Electronic truck scale structure

Shenzhen Feiya weighing Limited ( electronic truckscale using strain measurement principle of weighing. In the elastic body of the weighing sensor on the strain gauge, composed of Wheatstone bridge. In no load, the bridge is in a state of equilibrium, and the output is zero. When the elastic body is subjected to the load, the strain gauge is generated to be proportional to the load, and the output voltage can be measured by the output voltage.
Structure of automobile scale
Electronic truck scale is mainly composed of loader, weighing display instrument (referred to as instrument), weighing sensor (referred to as sensor), connectors, limit device and junction box and other parts, can also be equipped with a large screen display and print computer and external power supply equipment.
Bearing and force transmission parts: will transfer the weight of the object to all devices including weighing sensor, weighing table, hanging connecting unit, safety limiting device, and a fixed ground infrastructure.
Weighing sensor: between the platform and the base, the weight of the object is converted into the corresponding electrical signal, the output of the signal cable to the weighing display instrument for weighing the test. Weighing sensor according to the conversion method is divided into 8 types: photoelectric type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic force type, capacitance type, magnetic pole change form, vibration type, gyro ceremony, electric negative strain type and so on.
Display instrument: used to measure the output of the weighing sensor of the electrical signal, after the electrical signal processing, in the form of digital output data.
Power supply: the main point to the load of the bridge to provide the bridge circuit to drive the power supply and instrumentation line work.



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